Rectangular Weights

Rectangular Weights

Scale- 5kg to 50kg


Class – M1 M2 F1 F2


Material– Stainless steel


Construction : Weights are designed in rectangular shape with a handle to provide easy stackability. Each weight has an adjusting cavity located in its handle. Adjusting cavities are sealed with a steel bolt further covered by a lead plug to provide a tamper resistant seal of the adjusting cavity.


Two piece construction for better mass stability


Application: Mostly used in calibration of high capacity balances.


Suggested markets: Suggested Markets for OIML Precision Weights include, but are not limited to, pharmaceutical, forensic, chemical and nuclear industries.


Polishing : All surfaces are polished to a perfect, mirror-like finish and meet or exceed OIML R 111 specifications.


Casing: Individual/ set of weights packed in polished wooden box line with velvet and provided with forces+ gloves. We customize casing according to our customer needs.